monday mess: snow hysteria

Teachers, I hear you: holding the attention of children the day before a near-certain snow day is not easy. My suggestion? Harness that snow hysteria with curricular connections!

The third graders have been doing a lot of work on geography, map reading, and solidifying their addition and subtraction skills. One snow map can hit all of these skills in a quick closing meeting or partner activity!

Check out the image above and how you can use it to reinforce:

  • Map skills: What region does this map show? How do we know? What kind of map is this? (Use title and features.)
  • Data Analysis Skills: What information can this map tell us? How? (Use the title, key, color, and labels to extract information.)
  • Addition and Subtraction: Pose a few quick questions like, “how much more will it snow in New York City compared to Montauk?” “Will New London, CT have more snow, or will White Plains, New York?”
  • Estimation: A third grader is about 48 inches tall. About how high on a third grader would a 20 inch pile of snow be? Closer to their knee, their waist, or their shoulder? How do you know?

Good luck keeping the lid on today. Have fun, and I hope everyone enjoys some very likely and very necessary rest tomorrow!


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